Review of legal and statutory compliance


Ensuring compliance with all the statutory requirements that relate to a particular industry is a crucial aspect of business success. How? As our client It's our work:
  • To review all the statutory records, returns, forms and documents filed with the Statutory/Regulatory Authorities under the Corporate Laws.
  • To verify as to whether all the Statutory and Regulatory Compliances have been complied with.
  • To verify as to whether all the statutory dues have been duly deducted and timely deposited.
  • To verify as to whether the statutory records maintained are proper, adequate and complete.
  • Review of pending notices issued by Statutory/Regulatory Authorities and their impact etc.

We undertake to ensure the compliances through following methodology:-
  • Review of all Returns, documents and information's furnished to the concerned Government Organizations having Jurisdiction over the above stated Law.
  • Checking of Adherences to “Due Dates” “Correct Amount of Deduction” & Timely deposit, documents and information's required to be furnished.
  • Review of Legal & Statutory, records, documents and information's maintained as required under the above stated laws to the purpose of ensuring “Adequacy and Proper Maintenance”
  • Review of all the Communications between Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies to ensure the “Adequacy and Timely Reply” and also the assessment of “Potential Risk” therein.
To ensure that all the applicable Law & Rules have been complied with