We have a strong team of qualified legal professionals having number of years of experience and expertise. They are highly experienced, well qualified and have strong technical knowledge, professional skills, personal skills and capabilities. They adhere to the highest standard of excellence and professionalism. They are trained in the latest practices, technologies and continuing educational programs.

Under this category, we provide the following services:-

Drafting and Legislative Analysis
We at Abdirashid, Abdinassir have the training, expertise and experience to consult on the drafting of both private and government bills to be tabled for debate in the Kenyan and the greater east African parliaments. RNRhas been engaged in various bills that are currently pending in parliament of Kenya and the East African community parliament.

We take a leading role in the drafting of private bills for presentation in the Kenyan parliament. In government sponsored bills we have time and again played an advisory role to key stake holders

Recent projects in this category
  • The Competition bill: The firm facilitated 3 stakeholder meetings for the discussion and deliberation into the competition bill. The findings of the meetings chaired by Prof. Yash Vyash were instrumental in the parliamentary debates on the same. The firm was responsible for the facilitation of the meetings and the preparation of a final report.
  • The Insolvency Bill: The firm was commissioned by Teslor Corp in partnership with the Turkish Economic Development Foundation to research and report on the implications of the insolvency bill on foreign nationals and multi-national corporations. The firm dedicated 120 man hours to the project and submitted a 48-page report in fulfilment for the assignment.
  • The Companies Bill: The bill was tabled by the Attorney general and it is awaiting the 2 nd reading. The firm had been engaged to facilitate a two day seminar organised by Teslor Corp for its investors and foreign stakeholders on the effects of the enactment of the bill into law on foreign investment and on- resident corporations. The firm was also commissioned to make comparisons with regional legislations on companies and foreign corporation with the current and pending legislative regimes. Part of the assignment for the firm was to report on how to leverage resources through regulatory arbitrage in the region.
  • The Prevention of the organised Crime Act of 2007: The firm was commissioned by the MUSLIM HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM to develop a strategic plan on how to lobby and defeat the then Prevention of organised crime bill. The firm prepared a report on the evident constitutional inconsistencies in the bill.
  • The Tobacco control Act of 2007: Aima Group of companies engaged RNRto carry-out a regulatory feasibility study premised on the Tobacco control Act for their planned launch and diversification into the tobacco industry.
Employment and Labour Laws

At Rasheed, Rage & Nassirwe have dedicated 5000 man hours in researching on the national and international labour laws, regulation and practices. We therefore have the expertise in drafting of employment contracts, development of an employment policy, drafting of collective agreements, Redundancy procedures, Arbitration in payment and dismissal disputes.

RNRhas been engaged by multi-national corporations, trade-unions, institutions of labour markets, employer's organizations, the state and international labour institutions to advice on labour practices and employment law.

Our Clients from this category
  • 1. Government of Kenya:
  • a) Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affair Via Non-State actors Support program
  • b) Ministry of Finance and UNDP via the Legal and Financial sector reform assistance project
  • c) Industrialization Ministry and UNDP via the standards and labelling program in kenya project

Alternative Dispute Resolution
ADR is becoming the most popular mode of dispute resolution especially in the corporate and NGO world. It is attractive because of its confidentiality, expediency and party control. At RNRwe have a range of experienced affiliate arbitrators from the chartered institute of arbitration who are the best in the field of arbitration. We offer our clients the best in the industry based on the number of high profile cases mediated.

We also offer dispute prevention, conflict prevention, negotiation, and mediation services.

Legal Services
We also offers consultancy services touching on bankruptcy and commercial securities, insurance law, international humanitarian law, international trade law, conflict of laws, competition and consumer protection laws, environmental and natural resources, science and technology, and East African community.

Other technical legal services include:-

  • Drafting of Agreement on: -
  • Joint venture agreement
  • Shareholder agreement
  • Service agreement
  • Outsourcing agreement
  • Employment contractor
  • Confidentiality and non –compete agreement
  • Assignment agreement
  • Technology agreement
  • Agreement between holding and subsidiary company
  • Lease Deed
  • Other business agreements
  1. Assisting in winding up (Dissolution) company
  2. Assisting in Merger and Amalgamation of companies
  3. Assisting in Business Debt Recovery