We work with management to deal with financial underperformance by stabilising the business, managing key stakeholder relationships and building a strong platform for the future.
Recognising that management teams may lack experience in turning around a business, we introduce experienced turnaround professionals who can step into executive or advisory roles in the business, such as chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, chief restructuring officers, operations, marketing, human resources, non-executive directors and advisers/mentors to boards.
We have immediate access to candidates from our own network of independent turnaround professionals, all used to operating at board level in businesses in crisis and those requiring rapid change.
The interim leadership service will help
  • Manage stakeholder relationships while the CEO remains in control
  • Introduce new management to provide leadership to the business during the turnaround phase
  • Provide optimal value for corporates by disposing of or reinvesting in a non- core, or under performing asset, or in a distressed business
  • Provide operational support – such as building a business plan that is supported by actions including key performance indicators for short to longer term strategies to achieve recovery and growth.