The finance function is under pressure to enhance its value contribution to the business, deliver information and maintain effective controls in line with ever changing governance needs. It is at the same time being subject to continuing internal demands to reduce the cost of its operations. In combination, these pressures create a challenging environment for the finance function.

Multiple pressures imply multiple roles for the finance function: these are Scorekeeper – processing transactions and maintaining accounting records at low cost and delivering efficient month-end reporting processes. Communicator – explaining the business story to internal and external stakeholders. Diligent caretaker: ensuring effective operation of governance and control in matters of financial management and operations. Business partner: providing the business with insight and advice on competitive issues, developing strategy and plans, operating as business advisor and challenging the complexity of the business model.

In Financial effectiveness we work closely with CFOs, Controllers and Treasurers to provide innovative viewpoints, independent advice and support in developing and optimising their finance operations, in order to meet the changing requirements of their businesses.

Services we provide include the following:- Finance Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Value Driver Analysis and Performance Management and Reporting e.g. (Scorecards, dashboards), Finance Organisation Reviews and Process Improvement. Performance Management and Reporting, Financial Management Solutions (e.g. reviews, manuals), Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Enterprise Wide Cost Management, Outsourcing and Shared Services