We provide corporate simplification services for organisations that need to save on operating costs and achieve a simplified more transparent corporate structure by eliminating inactive structures that have fulfilled their economic purpose.

We will at no cost to you provide initial advice on how to best shape this type of project and point out the many potential pitfalls. Once engaged, we undertake a preliminary review of the identified surplus entities and advise on the most appropriate route to eliminate them.

The review will also identify issues that need to be addressed prior to dissolution, and allow the specific allocation of responsibilities for resolving these. We can tailor our involvement to match your specific needs and resources. We have the experience and knowledge to manage projects from start to a complete finish.

This will cure the your business of wasting a significant amount of revenue per annum on each redundant entity that has no added value to your business, wasting senior management time on dealing with the corporate governance requirements related to inactive entities, large numbers of empty structures without apparent business purpose, which could be a concern to stakeholders and regulators